How to Write a Hook for an Essay

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How to Write a Hook for an Essay

A hook sentence grabs the reader’s attention and leaves them wanting to read more of your essay or even wondering what will happen next. It is therefore important to start your essay with a hook sentence. A hook sentence must be mysterious or even thought-provoking and appears in the first sentence of the essay. This sentence can be a statistic, interesting quote or an unknown fact. However, once a writer has an interesting introduction, one is capable of introducing the topic that leads the reader to the main point. Finding a good hook for your essay is important and can be achieved through the following ways.

Consider the Type of Essay you are writing

As stated on essay basics, sometimes it becomes challenging to develop a good starting hook for an essay. However, one should consider the type of the essay you are writing because different essays require different tones and different audience. For instance, an imaginative essay will require a different hook sentence compared to an argumentative essay.

Create Emotive Questions

A great hook leaves the audience asking themselves questions like who? Where? When? And even how? However, while writing a hook sentence, one can typically involve emotions such as anxiety in order to create emotive questions to the readers.

Use Quotes

Quoting a well-known author or person grabs your reader’s attention and also develops a sense of trustworthiness in your essay. For example, a quote like ‘’ never mistakes activity for achievement” by John Wooden can create a good hook sentence. Also, using a quote from an influential person can create a fascinating hook and support your argument.

Use Anecdote

Anecdote presents an interesting experience regarding a certain person. Therefore, using the context of anecdote as hook can make your essay a bit hilarious and can grab your reader’s attention. Also, anecdotes can cheer-up your audience and also motivate them to keep on reading the entire essay.

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